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Prepared to Survive No Matter What Happens.

Would your business survive a system crash or power loss? What about a natural disaster? A disaster recovery plan provides stability and peace of mind. It allows you to respond to unexpected issues in a systematic and non-chaotic manner. It puts you back to work sooner.

Many back-up and data protection solutions today are fragmented, complex and inefficient. ITatOnce’s comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan covers every aspect of your business, and includes:

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Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization, Application Virtualization Virtualization enables companies to save money on hardware by providing efficient server consolida tion, additionally the technology allows companies to manage, deploy, and recover complex server environments with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Storage virtualization

Storage Virtualization Storage is an ever-growing management issue and cost center for many organizations, through virtualization ITatOnce can centralize data storage, strategically manage back-up, and deliver significant performance, ease-of management and cost advantages.

Application Virtualization

Technology provides Remote Access, Remote Office, Local Office, and Application Delivery solutions that increase the accessibility of client and desktop applications from virtually anywhere in the world.Application Virtualization