Virtual Rack Solutions

Create a custom Virtual Rack solution, or take advantage of our pre-configured Virtual Rack solution bundles! ITatOnce can assist San Diego area businesses of all sizes, whatever their IT needs.

All Virtual Rack servers come with a 100Mbps public network uplink and an unmetered 100Mbps private network connection, both of which are upgradable to 1Gbps.

Key Benefits of ITatOnce Virtual Rack Solutions

Enhance Your Virtual Rack Solution with Flexible Options

Well-designed, functioning applications require redundancy and scalability. ITatOnce’s Network and server load balancing makes adding redundancy and scalability to your Virtual Rack network a snap. Load Balancing enables a group of servers to intelligently distribute service requests to a single domain name or address, which ensures significantly greater performance from your servers.

It provides these additional benefits:

Storage Cloud Provides Scalable On-Demand Storage

Storage Cloud is a unique offering that combines the speed and flexibility of on-premise Network Attached Storage (NAS) with global access and the usage-based billing model of a cloud storage product.

Key benefits of Storage Cloud include:

Firewall Solutions Reduce Risk

You cannot afford the risk of intrusion or threats to your servers that could compromise the confidentiality and integrity of your data. The security experts at ITatOnce will configure a firewall solution that builds just the right extra layer of defense for your servers.

Key benefits of our firewall solutions include:

Direct Attached Storage Provides Added Capacity

Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is an extremely versatile dedicated solution that solves a number of storage problems. It is most commonly used to enable server expansion and low-cost clustering. For instance, if your server is running out of space, adding a DAS that can support up to 15 drives could be the perfect solution. Application and database throughput is increased with the higher spindle count a DAS provides.

Key benefits of our DAS solutions include:

Load Balancing


Direct Attached Storage

Storage Cloud

Needed to support today's Web applications

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Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization, Application Virtualization Virtualization enables companies to save money on hardware by providing efficient server consolida tion, additionally the technology allows companies to manage, deploy, and recover complex server environments with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Storage virtualization

Storage Virtualization Storage is an ever-growing management issue and cost center for many organizations, through virtualization ITatOnce can centralize data storage, strategically manage back-up, and deliver significant performance, ease-of management and cost advantages.

Application Virtualization

Technology provides Remote Access, Remote Office, Local Office, and Application Delivery solutions that increase the accessibility of client and desktop applications from virtually anywhere in the world.Application Virtualization