Cloud Hosting Solutions

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Cloud Servers

You can completely eliminate the need for new storage hardware by migrating to our cloud servers. Also, all maintenance would be our responsibility, saving you a world of worry. Whether its website hosting, file storage or database hosting, our scalable, reliable cloud servers can do it all.

Cloud Backup:

Consumer electronics is shifting from cell phones to smart phones, and the business world is shifting from tape backup to cloud backup. Not only does this ensure hassle-free backup, it also allows for faster recovery and multi-site availability

Cloud Business Continuity

There’s one thing certain about business, and that is uncertainty. Our cloud business continuity service ensures that your systems never skip a beat, even when there is a failure. All your vital data and applications are backed up in a secure data center, so you can switch in real time to your backup and continue running your business with virtually no downtime.

Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery

The way you store and manage data has a direct bearing on your company bottom line. Learn how to simplify storage and data management with our innovative backup and recovery solutions that can optimally support your growing business and enhance productivity.

Business Application Hosting

You can significantly lessen the load on your internal systems and IT personnel by hosting your business application on the cloud. Since we are responsible for maintenance, you can expect significant reliability and security improvements in the performance of your business applications.

Cloud Hosted Exchange & Email

Email is the default mode of business communication nowadays. However, free email services are insecure and in-house mail servers are expensive. We offer a viable alternative through our cloud-base email solution. You get secure email services at low cost, paying for only what you use or number of users.

Managed Platform for Building Applications:

As a business focused on providing the best service to your customers, you are often faced with the need for customized applications specific to your needs. Developing them from scratch is a laborious process, but we can help by providing access to the convenience and reliability of an available and managed platform.

Client Lifecycle Management

We live in a connected world where geographical borders hold little meaning. We can help you seamlessly manage desktops and laptops across multiple locations, allowing for centralized control, greater compliance and significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Infrastructural Assessment

Business is dynamic, and so are your IT infrastructure needs. We can accurately assess what your business requires, what you lack and how you can bridge that gap at minimum cost.

Storage virtualization

Storage virtualization is the process of consolidating multiple storage hardware into a seemingly single unit for end-users. Through this process, companies can centralize data storage, strategically manage backup, and experience significant performance, ease-of management and cost advantages.

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is the process of partitioning individual servers into multiple environments which are hidden from end-users. It enables companies to save money on hardware by providing efficient server consolidation. Additionally, the technology allows companies to manage, deploy, and recover complex server environments with unparalleled speed and accuracy.