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Application Virtualization

Technology provides Remote Access,
Remote Office, Local Office, and Application Delivery solutions that increase the accessibility of client and desktop applications from virtually anywhere in the world.

ITatOnce Cloud Desktop Virtualization

Cloud Desktop Virtualization

Our Cloud Desktop, also known as Cloud Apps or Virtual Applications, is a state-of-the-art, on-demand application delivery solution. It is comprised of virtualized application and session technologies that isolate applications from the underlying operating system and other applications in order to increase compatibility and manageability. ITatOnce’s Cloud Desktop makes applications accessible from various client devices through a thin client interface such as a web browser (i.e., web-based email). We manage and control the underlying cloud infrastructure, including network, servers, operating systems, storage and individual application capabilities.*

Cloud Desktop technology streams applications from our centralized location to a target device at your location, where they execute. The application acts like it is interfacing directly with the operating system when, in fact, it is interfacing with a virtual environment that proxies requests to the operating system!

ITatOnce’s Cloud Desktop is an all-in-one system that hosts online and offline applications and streams them directly to user devices on demand. When users in an isolated environment request an application, ITatOnce’s Cloud Desktop instantly verifies that those devices are compatible and capable of running it**. Then it streams that application directly to the user’s device. If the device is not capable of running that application, ITatOnce’s Cloud Desktop initiates session virtualization (see below).


*with the possible exception of provider-defined user-specific application configuration settings
**the minimum requirements are a compatible Windows® operating system and appropriate client software

Understanding session virtualization

Session virtualization refers to the streaming of applications to hosting servers in our Data Center. ITatOnce’s Cloud Desktop connects the user to the server where the application has been delivered. The application then executes entirely on the server! The user interacts with the application remotely by sending mouse-clicks and keystrokes to the server. The server responds by sending screen updates back to the user’s device.

Whereas application virtualization is currently limited to Windows-based operating systems, session virtualization via ITatOnce’s Cloud Desktop allows any user on any operating system to access any application. Using session virtualization, ITatOnce’s Cloud Desktop enables Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, thin clients, iPhone®, Windows Mobile® devices – even Symbian- and Java-enabled devices – to run any application. Furthermore, session virtualization leverages server-side processing power which liberates your IT department from the endless cycle of PC hardware refreshes typically needed to support application upgrades.

Using application virtualization and session virtualization together

In both application virtualization and session virtualization, the user interacts with the application seamlessly. Printers, drives, peripherals – even the clipboard – work as if they were installed locally. ITatOnce’s Cloud Desktop reduces the cost of application management and related costs by up to 50%, and enables a better-than-installed experience for users when compared to traditional application deployment models.

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