ITatOnce - Technology's Triple Threat

IT Managed Services


Every successful business has a core competency, and understanding technology is ours. Ask yourself this: does it then not make sense for you to have us manage your IT processes while you dedicate your time and efforts in doing what you do best – helping your customers? Among other things, we can help you in the following areas:

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Cloud Hosting Solutions


Cloud computing is taking the world of technology by storm, and not without reason. By converting the notion of computing resources from products to a suite of services, the cloud today offers businesses advantages in cost, performance and flexibility that legacy IT cannot match. Our cloud hosting solutions come with the following value additions:

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IT Consulting Services


Businesses today have access to a wide range of technologies. However, not many know how to make best use of this gift of human progress. With our extensive knowledge backed by years of experience, we can help you make the right choices in the fields of:

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WHO WE ARE / creative work is our passion

Who we areOf all the IT consulting firms out there, why would you choose to partner with ITatOnce? That’s because we, through our Trinity of offerings in IT Consulting, Cloud Hosting and Managed Services, are uniquely positioned to leverage the full power of technology to benefit your business. While others offer services in their isolated areas of expertise, we offer IT solutions across the board.

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About us / What our customers are saying

ITatOnce was founded on a simple philosophy – to help businesses realize the true value of technology, in as much it truly feels like magic. Our name reflects our commitment to deliver the highest standard of service at any time, all the time. To that effect, we offer solutions

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